3 Secrets To Being The Woman He’ll Crave

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By Rori Raye

Are you exhausted from working hard to find Mr. Right or from putting in lots of effort to keep your relationship going strong?

I know I felt this way before I met and married my husband. I remember running myself into the ground trying to get a guy to like me, and then, once he did, I would knock myself out trying to keep the relationship afloat.

I felt I HAD to do these things: after all, we don’t get anywhere in life without lots of effort and persistence right?

Well, the truth is that when it comes to men and relationships, we women usually MISDIRECT our energy, and it ends up backfiring big time.

The Siren Secrets That Will Turn You Into A Magnet

Here’s a refreshing secret: what works in the rest of your life (your career and your passions), simply DOESN’T work with men. In fact, it makes men run away and it keeps you from getting all the love you deserve.

To really change the course of your love life and finally start enjoying a passionate, secure relationship with a man who is right for you, you need to start doing things differently. In my Modern Siren program, I teach you the three areas you can shift that will deliver some of the most profound changes for you and lead you to the relationship you want. A Modern Siren is a woman who EFFORTLESSLY draws men to her and inspires men to adore her and shower her with love. Here’s a sneak peak:

Siren Secret 1: Being A Sensual Being

Depending on your upbringing and your relationship history, chances are you’re holding back from fully experiencing and being in your feminine energy. Feminine energy is all about feelings – experiencing the world and whatever situation you’re in with all your senses. It’s not about DOING, it’s about simply BEING.

And if you’re a woman with a successful career – a go-getter – it is very difficult to switch from the masculine energy of the working world to the feminine energy you need for a successful relationship.

You might not even know this dynamic is at play in your own life. And that’s why it’s so important that you to learn about it. This isn’t about suppressing your wonderful self – it’s about bringing to the surface your NATURAL femininity and allure.

This is what men respond to in women – what makes them give up their “freedom” for one woman. It’s also about being more focused on YOUR experience than on his. When you are fully present with your own experience – including during sex – a man is mesmerized and completely enthralled.

Siren Secret 2: Speaking With Your Feelings

Day in and day out, you’re probably used to communicating what you need through what you THINK. We believe that if we present a rational argument for something, then the other person will see our point of view and give us what you need.

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But if you want someone – especially a man – to really listen to you and be sensitive to what’s going on for you, then you need to do something radically different: speak from your feelings.

Say, for instance, that your man wants you to go rock climbing with him, and the thought of it scares you to death. You could tell him all the ways that climbing is dangerous: it’s so high up, the rope could snap, you could end up really hurt. When you give people intellectual reasons like this, they could argue each point. But if you simply say, “I’m really, really scared of that and I don’t want to do it,” then he can see where you’re coming from. Suddenly, your man can connect to you on a human, feeling level.

Siren Secret 3: Letting Yourself Be Imperfect

Did you know that what makes you cry makes him love you? Same goes for all those little things you think are really weird about you and that you try to hide for fear of scaring him away.

We love people not despite their imperfections… but because of them. When a woman allows herself to be vulnerable, human, and “imperfect” in front of a man, he can truly connect with her.

When a man sees you are comfortable in your own skin and that you aren’t ashamed of the not–so–pretty parts of you, then he’ll feel like he can also be himself with you. When you do this, you create that all-important feeling of safety and acceptance that not only draws a man in like a magnet, it makes him fall deeper in love with you every day.

Learn More About Becoming A Modern Siren

In my Modern Siren program, you’ll learn EXACTLY how to unleash your own inner Modern Siren. I’ll show you, baby step by baby step, how to become a more sensual being, speak from your feelings, and allow yourself to be vulnerable. When you do, things in your life will turn around so dramatically. You’ll finally understand what has been keeping you from love; and, at last, you’ll enjoy the secure, loving relationship you’ve dreamed of.

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