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    Have The Relationship You Want eBook

    My eBook & Audiobook

    Now Fully Revised And Expanded!

    The second edition of the best-selling Have The Relationship You Want book will give you the foundation and Tools you need to create a deep, enduring connection with a man, and inspire him to fall more in love with you every day.

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  • Modern Siren

    Modern Siren

    Become Magnetically Irresistible!

    A siren is a creature so alluring that sailors would crash into rocks just to be near them. This program will teach you how to tap into your own natural siren power, and become so irresistible that he’ll risk everything to be with you and only you.

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    My Complete Collection

    My Complete Collection

    8 Programs For The Price of 2!

    Get full, unlimited access to all of my dating and relationship programs and you’ll be covered for EVERY aspect of your love life! With 45 hours+ of video/audio plus over 400 pages of workbook exercises, it’s the very best deal I’ve ever offered.

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  • Reconnect Your Relationship

    Reconnect Your Relationship

    Turn your troubled relationship around no matter how bad things seem right now – and inspire him to be your perfect partner. This in-depth program helps you feel more connected, share more intimacy, and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

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  • Love Scripts for Relationships

    Love Scripts for Relationships

    What you say and how you say it has a huge impact on the happiness and respect of your relationship. Learn word-for-word scripts to handle common relationship problems so they bring you closer and more connected, and allow you to connect deeply to his heart.

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  • Toxic Men

    Toxic Men

    This program reveals the difference between a man who is “toxic” or if able to be coached into being a partner worthy of your love. Learn how to transform your difficult man into a genuine good guy and finally have the kind of loving, respectful relationship you’ve always wanted.

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  • Heart Connection Toolkit

    Heart Connection Toolkit

    One of the most important things you need to have a loving, happy relationship is a positive self-esteem and a healthy, confident vibe. This audio program will help you feel confident and BELIEVE the love of your dreams can happen for you. Because IT CAN.

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  • Commitment Blueprint

    Commitment Blueprint

    You can inspire your man to commit to you even if you’ve been waiting for years. Commitment is an emotional process, and men and women move through it differently. This program teaches you about these two processes, and how to align them so you can move forward TOGETHER.

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  • Targeting Mr. Right

    Targeting Mr. Right

    This program is a step-by-step guide on how to date, relate and mate like a “Diva.” Learn how Circular Dating works, and exactly what to say and do to handle any situations that arise so he’s begging YOU for a commitment.

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  • Love Scripts for Dating

    Love Scripts for Dating

    What you say and how you say it make all the difference between building attraction and attachment, and pushing a man away. This program will give you word-for-word scripts to bring you closer together, not scare him off.

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  • Heart To Heart Daily Coaching

    Heart To Heart Daily Coaching

    Strengthen your siren power in just five minutes a day with my daily coaching program. I’ll keep you focused, inspired and on track to be the powerful, magnetic woman you were meant to me.

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  • Dating Secrets For The Siren Mom

    Dating Secrets For The Siren Mom

    Are you a mom who does it all for your kids while yearning to return to your own dreams in love? If it feels impossible, here’s how to use my “4 Secrets Of Becoming A Siren Mom” to bring breathtaking new romance… and all your dreams in love… back to life again.

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  • Monthly Interview Series

    Monthly Interview Series

    Listen each month as I interview a new relationship expert sharing their BEST insights and advice on love, dating, relationships and self-esteem. Hear from authors, therapists, love coaches and more for a fraction of what you’d pay for their time and insights.

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  • Private Coaching

    Private Coaching

    With Magnificent Siren Coaches

    I’m soooo excited to offer you the personalized, one-on-one coaching you’ve been begging me for! I’ve scoured the globe for the best of the best, and put them through years of training to prepare for this moment: to help YOU get the relationship of your dreams!

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Here’s What Other Women Are Saying...

  • Rori, you have saved my life… As far as I had come on my own, I was still only half living my life, and I knew there was more… You have shown me the way, given me the map, and I love you for it. I owe my heart blossoming, spirit revealing, and soul saving to you. Thank you.”

  • I’ve been having the most amazing results already… My energy has changed completely. I feel as if that heavy weight that has been on my heart has lifted. I feel free again. I feel excited again.”

  • Rori’s book not only lays out the specific words and body language a woman can use to draw a man to her on a deep emotional level, she tells women exactly what not to do!”

  • Your book is so incredibly helpful! I look forward to every letter you send. You’ve already helped so much – with just me following your program, we’re resolving our constant fights, battles, and his usual insensitivity is just disappearing!”

Letter from Rori Raye

Rori Raye
Hi, this is Rori.
You may be wondering who I am and how I can help you transform your love life…

I’m a trained relationship coach and through my e-book, newsletters, and programs, I've taught thousands of women how to attract Mr. Right or turn a troubled relationship around.

My biggest credential is my personal love history. I’ve been blissfully married 20 years to a wonderful man, but before I met him, I had little self-esteem and no boundaries. I attracted losers and men who didn’t want me.

When I met and married my husband, I thought my days of struggling with love were finally over, but they weren’t… I was making the same mistakes I used to and within 5 years, I was on the brink of divorce! Fortunately, I was able to develop my own relationship Tools and save my marriage.

I know that if I did it, YOU can do it.

On this page, you’ll find my programs with all my secrets, insights and Tools to help you attract the right man, inspire him to fall for you and to commit to you. You can try any of them risk-free. If decide the program isn’t for you, simply return it within your trial period and get a full refund.

You can have the relationship you want – but so much faster – because now you have me to help you every step of the way.

I look forward to teaching you all my best secrets…

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Rori Raye

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